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Review: Skin Game

Skin Game by Jim Butcher My rating: 5 of 5 stars Dear Gods… I mean… It’s impossible to express how truly gob smacked I am by the latest Dresden Files instalment without giving away spoilers. This book started a bit … Continue reading

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Melting… I’m Melting!!!

Seriously people, what’s going on? The beautifully cold rain is just hanging up there in the sky while I’m being slowly baked down here. Although an army of ninja water does appear to be making an advance. I can’t see … Continue reading

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Characters (or ‘Why won’t you do what I want!?’)

*Spoiler squirrel alert for those who haven’t read The Other Whisper* When I was just a reader (Because that’s what we all are really, readers and writers. More should be writers. Go write something, but read this first), I was … Continue reading

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Technology, why you no work for me?

*Spoiler squirrel alert for my wife and other people who have declared they don’t want to hear a single word about The Other Foe until they can read it. I also mention characters from The Other Whisper in case you … Continue reading

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Motivation (Or “Writing is Haaaaaaard!”)

Writing is hard, anyone who says differently is selling something, probably themselves. One of the hardest parts of writing (for me) is getting up everyday and moving forward with a project. Even when it’s sunny outside, even when Season 2 … Continue reading

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I like my big words, you just have to read The Other Whisper to know that, so today we’ll talk about meteotropism. Isn’t that a lovely word? Say it out loud with me… Meteotropism. One of the things I love … Continue reading

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It might seem strange to talk about darkness as we approach the brightest day of the year. But I do not speak of the darkness outside, I speak of the darkness we all carry within us. I use my darkness, … Continue reading

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Mailing List

So I’ve set up one of them there mailing list things. I have been assured that it’s how all the up and coming authors get their news out there. I’ve always thought that mailing lists were very impersonal, but then … Continue reading

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The quiet of the early morning

There’s something about waking up before the alarm bell (and turning it off so it doesn’t ring). It feels like stolen time, like magic time. It’s as if, in the dawning light of day, you could do anything. For this … Continue reading

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