The quiet of the early morning

There’s something about waking up before the alarm bell (and turning it off so it doesn’t ring). It feels like stolen time, like magic time. It’s as if, in the dawning light of day, you could do anything. For this is time you didn’t think you’d have. There is no pressure, there is no expectation. You are free to simply be.

Perhaps we should all spend more of our lives, living as if our time were stolen.

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2 Responses to The quiet of the early morning

  1. Lauren says:

    I hate that time in the morning. It is that time when it feels like the earth has stopped for a second and you are stuck in this horribly lonely moment, torn between wanting it to end and wanting it to last forever because in a few moments the world will start turning again and you will have to move forward with time. You will have to rush head first into whatever the day has planned for you instead of staying on that precipace of nothing because even though it is so very lonely there, sometimes you need that empty moment just to remember how to breathe.

    • Beautifully said, and I agree that it can be hard to be content with only our own company in the moments of silence. But I think if we can manage to be happy with ourselves, to be content with just being, then that might be the start of greater contentment. But that’s more of a goal than something I manage daily :)

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