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So I’ve set up one of them there mailing list things. I have been assured that it’s how all the up and coming authors get their news out there. I’ve always thought that mailing lists were very impersonal, but then I saw how my friend Lora O’Brien does it and I realised it doesn’t have to be.

So you can now sign up for email updates on my website, or by clicking here. I will be using the mailing list to let people know about upcoming RPG and Larps that I will be running as well as news about The Other Foe, the sequel to the The Other Whisper.

I also want to give my mailing list subscribers something extra, so I will be sending out sneak peeks of upcoming material as well as an exclusive short story featuring many people’s favourite character, Miranda (To be completed before year end).

If you like what I do and you want to know more, I would highly recommend signing up. As a thank you, everyone who signs up receives a free copy of Dungeon Dimensions and Dragons, the first ever RPG scenario I wrote. This scenario, which won the 2009 Gaelcon Writers Award, was my first foray into sharing my writing with the world, and it makes me extremely happy to be able to share it with you all.

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