I like my big words, you just have to read The Other Whisper to know that, so today we’ll talk about meteotropism. Isn’t that a lovely word? Say it out loud with me… Meteotropism. One of the things I love about the word meteotropism, is that it isn’t in the dictionary (Or at least, not in any of the ones I’ve looked in, do let me know if you find it in one), but I can find evidence of its use, this makes me feel like a pioneer, breaking new ground at the changing edge of the English language (Stop looking at me funny, I find my excitement where I can).

Meteotropism is when changes in an organism correlate with changes in the atmosphere around it. This could be due to pollutants or weather changes. I like to think that we as humans (We are all human here, right? Robots, I order you not to lie), are particularly sensitive to changes around us. Who hasn’t become down on a rainy day, perked up on a sunny one? But the really cool thing is that we do not have to be slaves to meteotropism (Say it again…. meteotropism).

Evolution is when organisms naturally change to suit a changing environment, through a process of genetic mutation and natural selection (Either that or it’s an elaborate hoax conducted by nearly every biological scientist alive, fabricating a crap load of empirical evidence all to… do something… I don’t know, the bible doesn’t say why we’re being wrong it just says we are). But we as humans have evolved to the point where we are changing our environment to suit our changing needs. Some people argue that this means we’ve stopped evolving genetically, but that’s an argument for another day, my point is that you have the power to change your environment, and have meteotropism work for you.

So the next time you are down, or tired, or have any feeling you don’t enjoy, look around you. Have a look at you environment, is their something about it that’s making you feel this way? If not, that’s cool, I mean people have serious problems sometimes, you can’t blame all of life’s downs on the Irish weather (Though apparently, we’re only 83rd in the world for average precipitation… doesn’t feel like it sometimes).

But if there is something in your environment that’s getting you down, change it. Clean that room, mow that lawn, change that wallpaper, shoot that annoying teenager out of a cannon… wait, maybe not that last one. Our species didn’t spend 3 million years evolving the ability to change the world around us just for us to sit back and accept it.

In summary, don’t let meteotropism make you its bitch.

That is all.


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2 Responses to Meteotropism

  1. Lora O'Brien says:

    That is the coolest thing I’ve read all day. All week maybe.

    Go home internet, we’re done for the day, we can pick this up again tomorrow.

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