Motivation (Or “Writing is Haaaaaaard!”)

Writing is hard, anyone who says differently is selling something, probably themselves. One of the hardest parts of writing (for me) is getting up everyday and moving forward with a project. Even when it’s sunny outside, even when Season 2 of Orange is The New Black is out (the first episode was confusing but we’re 3 episodes in and it’s awesome!). Personally I rely on those close to me to encourage and advise me so I get the words on the page and move closer to that end goal.

But I can always use another kick in the pants. To that end I am going to start sharing with you (yes you internet, how are you today?) my current word count for The Other Foe, the sequel to The Other Whisper. Watch out for daily updates, and I fully encourage you, internet, to comment or message me if the words aren’t happening.

Please don’t message me every hour going “Are you done yet? Huh? Are you done? What happens to Eoin? Is my favourite character still in it?”. That is not helping, it’s halping. But if you want to send encouragement, or ask for teasers, that’s always welcome.

It’s going to be a tough road internet, but together, we can do the thing.

Tiny Potato believes in you

Do the Thing!

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  1. Lora O'Brien says:


    and, daily updates eh? Yay!

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