Technology, why you no work for me?

*Spoiler squirrel alert for my wife and other people who have declared they don’t want to hear a single word about The Other Foe until they can read it. I also mention characters from The Other Whisper in case you haven’t read it. (If you haven’t read The Other Whisper, why not click here and buy it now? Go on, you know you want to.)*

I was right in the middle of what may turn out to be one of the pivotal scenes of The Other Foe. It features Miranda, who is a fan favourite, in a way we have never seen her before.

*dramatic pause*

I was getting really in to the scene, in the way that I can, with descriptions flowing easily and everything unfolding in my mind when the screen dimmed and the netbook started to shut down.

I panicked, trying to remember the last time I’d clicked save. As any author will tell you, it doesn’t matter if you know exactly what happened in a scene, if you lose it and have to rewrite, it will never be the same. For me this counts double with characters like Miranda who will often react in ways I had no way of anticipating. (Yes my characters have minds of their own, no I don’t talk to them… out loud.)

After 5 minutes of waiting to the netbook and my heart to restart, I opened up word and found a recovery file waiting for me with all my work intact. And the culprit of the potentially catastrophic interruption? Windows update, apparently I was so engrossed in my writing that I didn’t notice the message telling me it was sick of waiting for me to restart it and was going to do it itself.

The lesson here kids, is save often, keep backups, and don’t trust technology because it will give you a heart attack.

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