Melting… I’m Melting!!!

Seriously people, what’s going on? The beautifully cold rain is just hanging up there in the sky while I’m being slowly baked down here. Although an army of ninja water does appear to be making an advance. I can’t see the ninja water, but I know it’s there because the washing won’t dry and the front door is sticking.

This is not the weather of my childhood, this is not the weather of my people. Ireland measures it’s weather in rain. We have light rain and heavy rain, stormy rain and misty rain. Mostly we have cold rain, occasionally we have warm rain, and every June when the exams are on, for those few short days, we have no rain.

I don’t recall the government announcing ninja rain, surely there should have been a referendum? I for one will not stand for it, mostly because it’s making me tired and lethargic and I want to sit down.

Beware the ninja rain people, it is in our homes, it is in our work, it is ruining hairstyles, it is in cahoots with mould.

The ninja rain is here.

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