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6am Musings

Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation talking, but part of me loves early mornings. They are the perfect mix of isolation and reassurance. The house is perfectly still and the sound of my fingers hitting the keys is almost the only … Continue reading

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Somebody stop me

So I had this crazy idea. I could blame it on the slight fever and fleeting illness of the weekend, or the fact that it’s early on a Monday morning an my mind is trying to escape from the reality … Continue reading

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State of the world address

I’m sitting at a computer, reading about children being killed by rockets, tanks being sent in after those rockets and passenger aircraft being shot down. If this were a movie, we would be at the point where the protagonist realises … Continue reading

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The Other Foe is half done. Or, at least, I’ve passed the half way mark on my ideal word count. This goal feels a little arbitrary though, because who knows how long The Other Foe is going to be? Maybe … Continue reading

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Invisible News

It’s that moment, you know? When you have news, except it’s not quite news, it’s more like the seed of news. If you look after it and keep very very quiet, then maybe it will grow into a fully fledged … Continue reading

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No future but the one we make

I often fantasise about the future, winning the lotto, or just getting The Other Foe finished (3,000 words closer today). It can be fun, sitting and daydreaming about the things you could do in life, the places you could go, … Continue reading

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Larp Hangover

There is nothing quite so annoying as returning from your imaginary world to reality. We all experience this when we finish a good book, and look around us to realise that the whole world is carrying on as it was, … Continue reading

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