Larp Hangover

There is nothing quite so annoying as returning from your imaginary world to reality. We all experience this when we finish a good book, and look around us to realise that the whole world is carrying on as it was, and it’s only you that has changed.

I spent the entirety of last weekend at an Academy of Eblana event. Running from Friday evening in to Sunday afternoon, it was the longest Larp event that I’ve ever attended… and it was epic. I completely lost myself in a character of my creation as he moved through the world of another’s creation. I got to wield a sword (badly), and throw spells around (When my characters Goddess wasn’t trying to kill him… long story).

It was the most fun I have had in some time and I am still thinking about it. That’s the risk, I guess, with exploring fantastical worlds. It can be so hard to return to your ordinary existence.

But I am resolved not to sulk, not to whine about how mundane life is. If your life is boring it is you who makes it so. So I will look for the fantastical in real life… while planning my next trip to the world of Eblana.

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