No future but the one we make

I often fantasise about the future, winning the lotto, or just getting The Other Foe finished (3,000 words closer today). It can be fun, sitting and daydreaming about the things you could do in life, the places you could go, if you just finished the book, if you just became a famous author, if someone just handed you a million Euro.

It’s not going to happen. Or, let me correct myself, it’s not just going to happen. Much as we would all like to believe that someone is going to come along and recognise how talented and amazing we are and hand us a bag of cash, life doesn’t work that way.

We all (Or at least most of us) have to work to get what we want out of life, it can be hard, it can be gruelling, but it can be done. All our goals are achievable, if we work hard enough.

So wile it’s fun to daydream, don’t stay there too long, come back to reality, and write something.

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