The Other Foe is half done. Or, at least, I’ve passed the half way mark on my ideal word count. This goal feels a little arbitrary though, because who knows how long The Other Foe is going to be? Maybe it will be longer than The Other Whisper, maybe it will be shorter. The important thing is not its length, but its story.

The Other Foe will follow Eoin, Miranda and Charlie as they move forward through life, dealing with the fallout from the events of The Other Whisper. If I can tell that story, if I can make it true, if I can capture my readers hearts and minds a second time, then it doesn’t really matter how long it turns out to be.

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  1. Do you have a deal already in place for future books, or are you working contract to contract? I’ve done the latter, but found it can be really reassuring to know that there’s already a publisher waiting for the book. :-)

    • My publisher is eager to read book two, but there are no contracts signed yet. In a way that is good for book two, as it’s pushing me to make it as good as I can make it to be sure it will be picked up.

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