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I’m sitting at a computer, reading about children being killed by rockets, tanks being sent in after those rockets and passenger aircraft being shot down. If this were a movie, we would be at the point where the protagonist realises that maybe what his wife/best friend/ co-worker was saying all along was true, that we really are royally screwed, and it’s up to him to save the world through random acts of bravery, violence and (probably, lets face it) misogyny.

But there is no protagonist, no everyman hero who will become super human in order to save the day. There is only a world that is becoming increasingly chaotic around us. I am not alone in these thoughts, I know my online experience is the victim of confirmation bias, but I have many friends as scared as I am. Are we the minority? Is the world somehow full of people who think this is all a good idea, just kill everyone and let God/Allah/Vishnu sort them out?

I was asked today if World War 3 was starting, and I honestly couldn’t answer.

Perhaps we are the minority, perhaps we have no hope of turning the tide in what is an increasingly terrifying world, but if nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do.

It’s time to be the protagonist of our own stories, to stand and save what we care for. I’m sure the world will seem a lighter place in the morning, or at least, I hope it will.

For now, be kind to each other.

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