Somebody stop me

So I had this crazy idea. I could blame it on the slight fever and fleeting illness of the weekend, or the fact that it’s early on a Monday morning an my mind is trying to escape from the reality of having to face the week, but I think it’s just because I’m crazy.

Video blogging, lots of people are doing it, it’s not that hard and I think I’d like it. I’m not sure if it’s something I’d have time to do (Because if I do it, it’s not going to be a straight talking to the camera blog, there will be editing, there will be costumes, there may be funny voices), but I do think it would be fun.

It’s something I’d enjoy and it might help recharge my creative juices which have been running perilously close to empty these past few weeks.

I’ll give myself the week to consider it, I’ll see what ideas come swimming to the surface and then I’ll leap. or not. we’ll see.

Either way, just thinking about the idea has me happy about creating something.

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