Hello internet, it’s been a while. I’ll be honest with you (because if you can’t be honest with a faceless mass of net users, who can you be honest with?) it’s not been a good week. You see internet, sometimes, life saves up all the crap, all the little annoyances, hell, even some of the big ones, and dumps them on you all at once.

One of my favourite actors has died in tragic circumstances, making me realise how often we use “Tragic circumstances” as a euphemism for “Something happened that we don’t like talking about”. And that’s pretty crappy. People suffer and struggle with mental illness, and they are illnesses and they can be cured or managed for the most part. Brushing the subject under the carpet and making it a taboo subject is only going to increase their suffering. We, as humans, lessen our pain by sharing it. So many people are scared to share their pain.

People are protesting in the US and being tear gassed and having “non-lethal” bullets shot at them. Part of me thinks, could that happen here? We’ve seen our rights infringed and our voice diluted so much over the past few years. Pretty soon I’m going to have to start paying for my public water supply. This is something that I will die if I do without it for more than 3 days, and somebody else is going to decide how much I should pay for it.

Over the last few years I am earning no more but I have so much less, as the government comes up with ever more ingenious ways to take my money. Which brings me to the other part of me, which thinks, that could never happen here; Not because the protest wouldn’t be suppressed, not because such tactics wouldn’t be used, but because we as a nation have become so apathetic that there is no need for it. They tax us and make cuts and gamble with our lives and while a highly vocal minority speak out, and while we listen to them and nod our heads in agreement, we turn around and go back to our lives, plodding along, just trying to make ends meet, too tired to have the fire of indignation, too broken to protest our treatment.

There are weeks where I exult at the wonder of the world around me, where I am happy and proud to be a member of the human race, where I marvel at the million tiny miracles that exist all around me, every day.

This week, is not one of those weeks.


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  1. Nemi says:

    Because as ‘bad’ as it is in Ireland it isn’t bad enough. No-one is getting shot for no reason, people aren’t dying in droves from starvation there is no enmasse lack of housing. In fact even if they were the vast majority wouldn’t care because their lives aren’t directly affected. The Irish as a nation are shockingly selfish and becoming ever increasingly lazy, most people don’t vote which is ridiculous, our government may be corrupt but when you vote the wrong people in every single fucking time what else can you expect. (Granted the voting issue is a massive problem as there is no lesser evil to choose from most of the time but on the times there has been a better option we never choose it) Personally i feel we have only ourselves to blame for the mess we are in. whenever I go home and talk to people it feels like no-one reads the news from non controlled sources and has no real idea what is going on half the time. In a world where information is just at our fingertips that kind of willful ignorance is unacceptable. We the irish public made this bed, it is now time we lie in it because doing what we are told is the only thing we seem capable of doing.

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