As Semisonic sing “Every new beginning starts with some other beginnings end.”

The first draft of The Other Foe is complete, something that seemed distant and difficult for most of this year. I am now waiting for feedback before I begin revisions, whereupon the second draft will go to my beta readers. It’s a quiet time, after the draft is done but before the feedback arrives, it feels good to be able to relax and not worry about it for a little while.

Which doesn’t explain why I’ve just written the first 1000 words of book 3 The Other World. I’m pretty sure writing book 3 while doing revisions for book 2 is not what I had planned. I can only surmise that my fellow author Paul Anthony Shortt is rubbing off on me. He seems to be a writing machine and I am often in awe at the speed with which his drafts are completed.

Suffice to say it felt good to pick the story back up immediately and the words flowed with ease. I’m going to carry on with this jump start on book 3, if only for the fact that people have been clamouring for book 2 for some time and it would be nice to not have them wait as long for book 3.

Watch this space dear readers, and we shall see what will unfold.

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