The benefits of owning a cockatiel

As anyone who has read the blurbs about me knows, we own a cockatiel. His name is Noddy, and when he’s not treating my ear like it’s his arch nemesis, he’s pretty adorable. He is often the focus of guest visits and soaks up ll the attention.

There are some downsides. I rarely go to work without having to brush some feather or piece of fluff off my shirt, and he has a tendency to perch on my forearm and then get very upset when I do something rude like type, move or breathe.

But there are some upsides too, when Noddy is on roosting terms with me, which is most of the time in fairness, he will perch on my shoulder, one leg up, eyes closed, feathers fluffed up. It’s relaxing to have him there. I can write away for hours and he won’t move. Sometimes I’ll forget he’s there only to be reminded when I make a sudden movement that I’m a bad perch and am supposed to hold still.

Sure he can be annoying, and he won’t stop trying to eat my ear, but he’s the best animal writing companion I could ask for.

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